Remember everything that Spring can bring.
Baby, you can never hold back Spring.

Tom Waits

Spring. No holding back. Sap runs, leaves feast on sun, petals shower ground. Time to join the greatest show on Earth. Plant a tree. An exuberant tree. The Japanese sour plum tree, below.

The most spectacular plum of all is Prunus mume, one of the three friends of Winter in Japan. It blooms in early January and releases powerful, spicy clouds of floral fragrance that float across a country mile. The fruit that follows is fermented to become umeboshi, a food staple in Japan and an addiction to those who've experienced it.

Prunus mume 'Kanko Bai' 1 gal
Prunus mume 'Kanko Bai' 1 gal


Our next scheduled ground plant ship date for East Coast locations is Monday March 25, 2019. We ship west of the Rockies most days. Ship dates are determined by travel time so plants do not spend weekends in transit. Please use residential addresses for East Coast shipping so plants arrive within 5 days.

If temperatures in transit or at destination are projected to be below 30 degrees F, your plant order may be placed on hold to avoid damage. We ship non-plant items every day. Please email us if you have questions about delivery times. We will contact you if weather precludes safe shipping of tender plants. You can also check weather forecasts for points between northern California and your location to see if the weather will be appropriate to ship safely.

We are sorry to report that we no longer grow citrus due to the California Asian Citrus Psyllid quarantine.

Many of our plants are not suitable for year-round growing outdoors in some zones. Please check your USDA Zone prior to placing an order so you can make the appropriate selection.

New olive cultivars include Santa Caterina, Nocellara del Belice, Bella di Cerignola, Cailletier and Lucques. These represent some of the most cherished table olives in the world and you'll find out why when you pop one in your mouth.

Fig lovers are an equally ardent crowd and will be pleased at some of our new offerings which include Col de Dame Noir, Sequoia and Bourjassotte Grise.

Michael Michaud's botanical tableware continues to dazzle. Fruits, leaves and bark are transformed into heirloom-quality plates, miniature boxes and serving pieces. His New York foundry is one of the few remaining that continue the ancient art of lost wax casting from natural objects. A new piece, the apple box, is now available and warrants close inspection.

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