Australian Finger Lime 3 Gal

Citrus australasica. If salsify can lay claim to being the vegetable oyster, then the Australian finger lime deserves to be known as the citrus caviar. Cut into this finger-sized fruit and squeeze out the juicy, citrus-flavored pearls. Garnish fish, top stir-fries or enrich noodles with the lime-infused vesicles and your taste buds will thank you. Native to Australia, these plants make excellent espaliers due to their flexible branches and tiny leaves. Crop ripens October through January. Our trees bear fruit that's dark purple when ripe, with translucent little pearls that are typically the palest lime green and sometimes a shell pink. It must mean something that the oyster season is in full sway when the finger limes are at their best. As of August 2016, plants are small, about 18" tall, branching, a few flowers and/or fruit. Grown on dwarfing rootstock in 3 gal containers. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

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