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Moro Blood Orange Tree 5 Gal

Citrus sinensis. For Moro blood orange fruit to ripen properly, plant it in front of a stone wall. The retained heat will help ripening in early spring. Moro blood orange trees must be planted in a lot of sun to develop the sugars that make their fruit so appealing in salads and so rich in color. The tart juice has a fresh raspberry flavor. An amazing public garden south of San Francisco, Filoli, grew this citrus tree to perfection on a decomposed granite terrace. The space was a long rectangle, with weeping Camperdown elms at each end. Five blood orange trees were grown in terra cotta pots around each weeping elm, forming a double pentangle. Sublime. As of April 2017, the Moros are fully branched and bushy, about 2' tall, 1/2" caliper trunk, smaller than photo. Grown on dwarfing rootstock in 5 gal containers. Shipped in 3' x 1' x 1' braced containers.

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