Herbal Wreaths

Herbal wreaths have been hallmarks of civilized dwellings ever since the first cavemen hung dried wormwood to ward off evil spirits. Bay Flora herbal wreaths are made by hand, from farmed and foraged plants. Materials used may vary, depending on the time of year and weather. Each herbal wreath is consequently unique, and that's part of the charm. All contents are free of pesticides and chemical dyes, so the culinary wreaths are not only beautiful but an essential pantry ingredient. Herbal wreaths are about 18" diameter unless otherwise stated.

Herbal wreaths may shed slightly in their shipping package. Don't worry, this is normal for wreaths made of natural materials. They're made extra full to account for this. A note about Mexican oregano: the Latin name of this herb is Lippia graveolens and has a slightly stronger flavor than the traditional Greek oregano. Mexican oregano can also be used as a substitute for epazote. These wreaths will last many months if protected from heat, light and moisture.

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Powers of Ten Herbal WreathPowers of Ten Herbal WreathTen different herbs are tied together in geometric perfection to form a stunning circle. There's almost always lamb's ear (tear off a few leaves and cover a bruise for quick healing), Mexican oregano, lavender, culinary sage, sweet Annie, wild roses and Greek oregano. Other herbs may be added, depending on what's available in the field.

The Stinking Rose Herb WreathThe Stinking Rose Herb WreathThis wreath is constructed from Mexican oregano, sage, marjoram, bay laurel and lavender. Sometimes additional herbs are included, depending on season and availability. Garlic flowers are scattered throughout the herbal base.

Ring of Fire Culinary WreathRing of Fire Culinary WreathBuy this for someone who likes a kick in their food and on their wall. Red hot chilis nestle in a base of Mexican and Greek oregano to create a combo that's appealing to the eye and the palate.

Up Against the Wall Herb BundleUp Against the Wall Herb BundleFor those who are compromised vis-a-vis wall space, this two-foot long herb bundle is just the ticket! Herbs are tied together to form a cool vertical statement, and they typically include sage, Mexican oregano, anise, bay laurel and marjoram. Garlic flowers are added to the grouping.

Whirligig Bird WreathWhirligig Bird WreathIt's almost a shame to place this gorgeous 12" wreath outside and watch the birds consume it. You might want to keep it indoors for a few weeks before feeding your feathered friends with this fluffy tapestry of black bearded wheat, spray millet, canary grass and red sorghum.

Bird Banquet WreathBird Banquet WreathA smaller (12") wreath made from grains beloved by birds. Amaranth, sorghum and millet are interspersed thickly to form an edible and beautiful tapestry beautiful on a door or fence or wall.

For the Birds Grain BundleFor the Birds Grain BundleIf you have a fence or railing available, tie on this 2-foot bundle of bird paradise and enjoy the show. The birds will love the millet and amaranth tied together with canary grass and celosia. This swag also serves as a beautiful indoor decoration for wall or door.

Pussy Willow WreathPussy Willow WreathFirst to appear as the sunlight grows in strength is the snowdrop, a bulb everyone in colder climates should grow. The next and best sign of spring is the pussy willow, a harbinger of hope all over the world. Even if you can't grow Salix discolor in your garden, you can display the silky, pearl gray catkins of the male plants on your door or wall. 23" diameter.


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