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Ilex paraguariensis. Yerba Mate is not only the national drink of Argentina and Uruguay, but also makes a handsome conservatory plant in Northern climates. Its leathery, supple leaves are borne on numerous shoots that produce new growth throughout the year. White flowers arrive in late Winter/early Spring and produce red berries (on female plants, since Yerba Mate is diecious) with their own charms, similar to other holly species. Our plants are not sexed, so you may receive a male or a female plant.

Yerba Mate can grow into a multi-stem tree up to 40 feet in its native rainforest habitat, but can happily live in a pot as a 5' specimen for years, supplying its leaves bountifully upon receiving adequate care.

Can be grown outdoors in Zones 9-10, protect when temperatures drop below 25 degrees F. Rich, moist soil, adequate humidity. Filtered to full sun. Propagation by seed is most successful when berries are eaten by resident Toucans, so this method may be difficult to accomplish for the average grower. Cuttings mid-season have a good success rate.

Also known as Jesuit tea, Yerba Mate leaves contain up to 2% caffeine, comparable to coffee beans. The brewed tea also delivers anti-oxidants along with thermogenic agents and cardiovascular boosters. A traditional brew that has boosted the health, spirits and energy of its devotees can now be made from your own plants.

Shipping charges: 35% for CA, 40% for OR,WA,AZ and NV, and 45% for rest of continental U.S.

Yerba Mate 1 gal
Yerba Mate 1 gal

Ilex paraguariensis. As of June 2020, our Yerba Mate plants are about 2' tall, thick caliper trunk, new growth sprouting. Give these plants a few months before leaf and stem harvest. OUT OF STOCK.

Yerba Mate 2 gal
Yerba Mate 2 gal

Ilex paraguariensis. Dormant as of January 2023, about 2' tall, branching, 1" trunk. OUT OF STOCK.


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