Negronne Fig Tree Grower's Pot

Also known as Violette de Bordeaux, the irresistible fruit of the Negronne fig tree has the sweetest, darkest red flesh of any fig, real or imagined. Spread a ripe Negronne fig on a piece of toast and you'll swear you're eating raspberry jam. Bears at an early age. Negronne leaves are a deep, rich green, narrower and more imbricated than other varieties. The tree is a natural dwarf, adapts easily to container culture, and can give you two crops of succulent figs a year. Adaptable to coastal and inland areas. Who could ask for anything more? This Negronne fig tree is grown in 4" x 9" grower pots that promote lengthy root systems. About 2.5' tall, caliper is about 1/2" as of April 2018.

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